paleo aip global kitchen ebook cookbook
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The Global Paleo AIP Kitchen

To celebrate our heritages through food is one of the most comforting, feel-good aspects of a wellness diet.

 Nostalgic smells, flavors and even methods of meal preparation can take us back to cooking in the kitchen with our Grandmother, or remind us of our travels to foreign countries, or even spark our desire to hop on a plane and go experience some place completely new to us!


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Let The Global Paleo AIP Kitchen bring you back to those memories or to new exotic countries…right in your own home, and with anti-inflammatory versions of your favorite international dishes for the Autoimmune Protocol.

Enjoy travel-via-cooking to chapter destinations that include Thailand, India, Japan and Italy, with options for appetizers, sides, main dishes, desserts and drinks.



paleo aip global kitchen ebook cookbook



My contributions to the ebook are worldly classics re-made into allergy-friendly and 100% AIP compliant cuisine from Ireland, Russia, Greece, Korea and America, including:

Prawns on Toasts with “Mayonnaise” – Ireland

Sweet Potato Colcannon – Ireland

Kompot – Russia

Banh Mi Bowls – Korea




    • 120+ recipes free from gluten, grains, dairy, soy, nightshades, eggs, nuts, seeds, cane sugar and artificial preservatives


    • 78 exclusive recipes you won’t find anywhere else


    • 18 recipe contributors – with experience eating around the world, and who follow AIP to control their various autoimmune conditions


    • 11 chapters, each focusing on the food of a specific part of the world; with appetizers, mains, sides, desserts and drinks in each of them. Plus, info about the food and culture of that region


    • Full ingredient index so you can easily find recipes with the ingredients you have on hand


    • A section on seasonings to help you create your own recipes


  • Bonus materials: Basics of AIP and a Note on Reintroductions




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paleo aip global kitchen ebook cookbook

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