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AIP Plantain Recipe Roundup

Breads, crackers, chips, desserts, batters…what do all of these culinary treats have in common?  

A) They can all be made Autoimmune Protocol-friendly. (Yayyyy!)

B) They can all be prepared using one of my favorite starchy Paleo-approved ingredients: PLANTAIN.

After treating myself for leaky gut and SIBO using the AIP, including a low-FODMAP modification for a short stint, I quickly became fond of the banana-lookin’ starch/fruit/vegetable thingiemadooby.  

My finicky belly has taken upon itself the task to no longer be fond of tubers and pretty much anything that is heavy on the starch-side.  (*grunt * snarl * hoofscooting backwards into the dirt*)  BUT! I am grateful that Miss Picky Belly still allows me to nosh on plantain with no dismay, as long as the noshing is in moderation.

These are a couple of my favorite AIP friendly plantain products that I use regularly and swear by:

Inka plantain chips.  *Fabulous for dipping, piling gobs of ground beef on top, or crushing up to recreate breadcrumbs.

Barry Farm plantain flour. *A great breading substitute for those of us intolerant to tuberous starches such as arrowroot and tapioca, or if your palate needs a breaky-break from coconut flour.

Some fun plantain facts!

  • In the Caribbean, the plantain is a starchy staple that is commonly used as we in the U.S. would use bread, pasta, or potatoes.  
  • When the skin is green, the flavor and texture of the plantain is best suited for savory dishes.  When the skin is yellow or black it is riper and is best utilized in sweet dishes.
  • Peeling a plantain isn’t as easy as peeling a banana. In my opinion, it is better to use a sharp knife to carefully shave the skin off. (I like to cut it in half width-wise, place the flat side of one half down on the cutting board, and slice the peel off aiming down toward the cutting board.)
plantain recipe reoundup
Peeled and cut into chunks…these plantain pieces are ready to be pureed, sauteed, baked, microwaved, fried, riced…you name it!

So, people, let’s proceed to the petite plethora of plantains!

(*please note the messages in parentheses for AIP mods*)


Plantain Nut Butter Gelatin Bowl – Biohackers Recipes (use coconut butter for AIP)

Plantain Pancake with Maple Coconut Cream – The Paleo Mom (omit walnuts, nutmeg and allspice for AIP)

Sweet Plantain Waffles – Hold the Grain

Snacks & Sides

Oven Fried Plantains – Simply 123 Allergy Free

Baked Plantain Fries – Do You Even Paleo (omit mayo portion of recipe for AIP)

Sweet Plantain Guacamole – Civilized Caveman Cooking (omit jalapeno, paprika, and cayenne for AIP)

Main Dishes

Jibarito Sandwich w/ Garlic Avocado Spread – The Healthy Beast (omit cayenne, pepper, and tomato for AIP)

Beef Fried Plantain Rice – Hold the Grain

Sweet & Sour Chicken Soup – Biohackers Recipes (omit chili, and substitute coconut oil for the butter for AIP) (*global laguage interpretation: coriander = cilantro*)

Bread Substitutes

Garlic Plantain Crackers – Real Food Forager

Soft & Fluffy Plantain Buns – The Curious Coconut

Castiron Plantain Flatbread – The Castaway Kitchen


Orange-Scented Plantain Bites – AIP Lifestyle

Salted Caramelized Plantain with Coconut Cream – Meatified

“Chocolate” Cake – A Clean Plate

Do you have a favorite AIP-friendly plantain recipe that you swear by?

Or any plantain tips and tricks that you think others could benefit from? Then please leave a comment below and lemme know how YOU plantain.

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