AIP Sheet Pan Recipes

AIP Sheet Pan Recipes – Save Time, Dishes & Energy by Cooking it All in Your Oven!

re-think the way you cook

Do you ever find yourself standing over the stove longer than you’d like?


Are your meals taking forever to get on the table, or requiring that you dirty up too many different cooking utensils, bowls, pots and pans?

When I first started working as a private chef, I still had grandiose and strict ideas from culinary school and my former career as a restaurant chef about exactly HOW a recipe should be prepared.


Do any of these cooking myths sound familiar to you?  “A sauce should be simmered on the stove top for hours to be of good qualityorSeveral different mixing bowls are needed to keep ingredients separate before being mixed into another large bowland evenMeats should be seared and browned in a pan before finishing them in a separate baking vessel (with the gloriously baked-on grease aftermath and all).”


These are the days of long-gone for me, now, my friend! I changed the way I cook to be able to make lots of food, REAL fast for my clients, and now I’m sharing this style of cooking with you in my new ebook!



quick clean up


has 94 pages with 40 DELICIOUS allergy-friendly, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY recipes and cooking tips that will keep your autoimmune-paleo palette pleased:

Mouth-watering one-pan meals like Lemongrass Chicken with Napa Cabbage & Mushrooms, Beef Bulgogi Pan, and Tender-Baked Fish & Chips!

Fun party faves such as Popcorn Chicken, Chimichurri Toasts, and Sausage Biscuit Bites!

Simple sides including “Cheesy” Taters & BaconRoasted Root Rounds, and Garlicky Balsamic Brussels!

And I didn’t forget to add a couple of desserts and a couple of quick breads, too, to round off your meals.

* Click here for the full list of recipes found in the ebook. *

AIP Sheet Pan Recipes Cookbook

40 nutrient-dense recipes, 38 of them exclusive to this book and not to be found anywhere else.

34 COCONUT-FREE recipe options!


All 100% compliant with the Paleo AIP:

No nuts, seeds, dairy, nightshades, fruit based spices, legumes, grains, gluten, processed foods, alcohol, chocolate, eggs or additives.

Just good, clean, anti-inflammatory ingredients to help you REGAIN YOUR HEALTH!

I’ve organized the recipes into these chapters: Poultry, Pork, Seafood, Beef & Lamb, Veggies, and Breads & Treats. All color-coded so you can find what you’re looking for in a pinch.

AIP Sheet Pan Recipes Cookbook
  • Many recipes are LOW-CARB and LOW SUGAR, as well as compliant with that popular “Whole Food 30-Day Paleo Reset Diet” – or can be made by so omitting the small amounts of natural sweeteners
  • A beautiful photo for EVERY recipe
  • Cooking tips and tricks from a professional chef
  • No special equipment other than a blender required
  • Save time, energy and sanity
  • Easy-to-source ingredients (with links to my favorite products and where to find them)
  • Easy-to-digest foods
  • Only $6.95…That’s under 18 cents per recipe!
AIP Sheet Pan Recipes

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