A Little Bit About Me

Well, hello there!  I’m Samantha Jo Teague, a mommy and a private-chef-plus who enjoys music with wierd lyrics, messily throwing paint at large canvases, and has a love/hate relationship with her obsession to heal her broken tummy and autoimmune diseases via nutrient-dense foods and holistic living.

unskilled cavewoman samantha jo teague

Formerly a restaurant chef (aka: an overworked ball of stress with a lack of personal or family time), I decided to take life into my own hands after my autoimmune conditions and health began to steadily decline.  I was diagnosed with eczema, and suffered from insomnia and anxiety. Due to my poor immune system I had to have my tonsils, appendix and gall bladder removed within a three year period. (With not one explanation from physicians on what was causing my immune system to fail, nor how to improve my health or what diet to follow after the surgeries.)

unskilled cavewoman samantha jo teague Despite taking it easier and switching professional roles, and even with the help of switching to a Paleo diet, my health still began to deteriorate to the point where I could barely push myself to leave my home to work. I felt like giving up. But I couldn’t.

My favorite person in the whole world and I at the beach. She's the awesomest!
My favorite person in the whole world and I at the beach. She’s the awesomest!

Despite all sorts of test, I still do not know what other medical condition has been wreaking havoc on my body. Fortunately, my health has now been steadily improving thanks to the discovery of the Autoimmune Protocol late last year.  Also known as AIP, its a variation of Paleo that aids in discovering which foods trigger your autoimmune flares.  It also heals leaky gut (of which I was definitely suffering)! The AIP online community is a fast growing resource, and without it I believe that I would still be having problems getting out of bed to face the day!

Something about how the paint hits the canvas makes my soul sing.

Thanks to my health steadily improving due to the AIP diet and the lifestyle changes that go along with it, I again have the energy I need to be a great mommy! And now I paint, and blog, and am able to function again as a human being!  Its truly a blessing, and I would love if you joined me and the rest of the community on our healing journeys.


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