Cherry Carob Fudge Pops – AIP, Paleo

Helloooooo, Summer!

“Hello, Sam!”

Whoa. That was weird. *ahem*
cherry carob fudge pops aip paleo

So, yeah. Summer = hot. And hot weather = cold snacks. Ice cream, ice lollies, milkshakes, sorbets….its all good! Well, actually NOT so good if you’re on an anti-inflammatory or non-allergenic diet, because those store-bought treats usually pack quite the sugar punch. They are also well-known for containing not-so-Paleo ingredients disguised as “healthy” sugar substitutes, such as brown rice syrup, non-GMO corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, and agave nectar to name a few. Did you know that agave nectar acts similarly or even worse in the body as does fructose? (More on different sugars in a future post!) Continue reading “Cherry Carob Fudge Pops – AIP, Paleo”

Sticky Tamarind-Blackcurrant Glazed Lamb Kebabs – AIP, Paleo, Whole 30, low-FODMAP

Who doesn’t get a little ho-hum-drum bored of the same ole spices and seasonings Every. Single. Day?  The Autoimmune Protocol sure does limit a lot of what we are used to flavoring our dishes with: Fruit-based spices, seed spices, and nightshade spices are all some of the most flavorful and aromatic cooking ingredients around.  When we need to cut them out for a while during an elimination diet, the palette can get more than used to the small group of seasonings that remain.  In those circumstances, I like to bust out the more exotic stuff to break up the routine and bring some zip into my recipes. I save flavors like mint, safflower (poor woman’s saffron), and tamarind for those occasions, to name a few.

tamarind blackcurrant lamb kebabs

tamarind blackcurrant lamb kebabs aip paleo

Needless to say, Momma needed something zingy and different for supper.  I had ground lamb ready to be turned into something magical.  A big tube of tamarind paste from the Indian market and my jar of blackcurrant fruit preserves were both peeking out at me.  Also hollering at me from le icebox was this bright green bunch of fresh mint, leftover from Hunni making us some “Nohitos” last weekend. (Aye, papi, were those DELICIOSO or what?!) Continue reading “Sticky Tamarind-Blackcurrant Glazed Lamb Kebabs – AIP, Paleo, Whole 30, low-FODMAP”

Crispy Chewy Honey Cookies – AIP, Paleo

I get the cookie-monsters sometimes.  When I REALLY want crispy-chewy cookies.  When a bowl of strawberries with a drizzle of honey just won’t do to satisfy my sweet tooth, or when a few slices of golden melon for dessert aren’t going to cut it, not even a bowl of my 5-Minute Carob Freezer Fudge *recipe coming soon!*…you know…one of those cookie-monster-moments.

aip honey cookies

These lemon blueberry cookies from Andrea Wyckoff of Forest and Fauna gave me such a craving for sugar cookies dipped in raw milk that I felt a temper-tantrum coming on if I didn’t have a handful, like, stat.

You know that lovely melody of chewy/warm/crisp/sweet/salty that comes from a savored bite of a delicate cookie fresh out of the oven?  That’s what momma needed!  I wanted to make sure they weren’t too starchy though, as I’ve been having issues with tubers and the starches that I usually used in my baked goodies.  Coconut flour was to be the base of this batter if I was to be able to nosh on the cookies without any bellyaching afterward! Coconut flour’s downside is that is tends to produce a dryer pastry, but when you need a cookie and your body doesn’t like starch, this minor imperfection can be easily overlooked during a cookie-craving-conundrum. Continue reading “Crispy Chewy Honey Cookies – AIP, Paleo”

No-Brassica Cole Slaw – AIP, Paleo, Whole 30, Keto

Ah, brassica intolerance.  This little food intolerance is something I discovered during my AIP SIBO-destroying adventure (an adventure which sounds a heckuvabunch more fun than it really is if you don’t know what all those letters stand for!)

AIP is the Autoimmune Protocol, an autoimmune diet with an elimination period designed to help you decipher which foods are causing you inflammatory and autoimmune responses.  SIBO stands for Small Intenstinal Bacterial Overgrowth.  Here is a link to a list of symptoms and how to help clear up the SIBO from Eileen Laird of Phoenix Helix.

no-brassica zucchini cole slaw

Cruciferous veggies such as brussels sprouts, cabbages, kale, turnips and broccoli, to name a few, have an amazing array of health benefits that one day I hope to return to enjoying.   Continue reading “No-Brassica Cole Slaw – AIP, Paleo, Whole 30, Keto”

Crispy Fried Fish – AIP, Paleo, Whole 30, Keto

In my 20’s I sure loved a trip to the local pub, where I would enjoy a Guinness or Murphy stout paired with a hot crispy plate of freshly fried fish and chips. Beer battered food with beer. That’s how I rolled.
Nowadays, there’s not so much rolling around in beer-slathered-nibbles happening anymore…but rather in veggies and coconut flour and and healthy fats.

Which I think is sexier anyway.

crispy fried fish filet aip paleo keto Continue reading “Crispy Fried Fish – AIP, Paleo, Whole 30, Keto”

AIP Plantain Recipe Roundup

Breads, crackers, chips, desserts, batters…what do all of these culinary treats have in common?  

A) They can all be made Autoimmune Protocol-friendly. (Yayyyy!)

B) They can all be prepared using one of my favorite starchy Paleo-approved ingredients: PLANTAIN.

plantain 1

After treating myself for leaky gut and SIBO using the AIP, including a low-FODMAP modification for a short stint, I quickly became fond of the banana-lookin’ starch/fruit/vegetable thingiemadooby.   Continue reading “AIP Plantain Recipe Roundup”

DIY Pastured Liver Pills – Organ Meat Recipe for the Squeamish

“Eat your liver!” are words that were never muttered by my mother.

 Respectfully, “Its time for me to have some liver!” are words that I never thought I would be saying. But here I am, in my 30’s, trying to choke down ENJOY all of these nutrient-dense organ meats for the sake of reversing my debilitating health issues.  Annnnd I haven’t been doing so hotly at it. Continue reading “DIY Pastured Liver Pills – Organ Meat Recipe for the Squeamish”

Celery Root Mash – AIP, Paleo, Low-FODMAP

Who needs potatoes when you’ve got CELERIAC?  That sounds kind of like “Celiac” doesn’t it?  Hmmm…maybe we should just call it Celery Root from here on out… Continue reading “Celery Root Mash – AIP, Paleo, Low-FODMAP”

Beefy Cheesy Nachos – AIP, Paleo, Whole 30

Alright.  Let’s talk Zucchini Cheese.  What IS it?  Well, its this pretty-awesome cheese-like substance that is made of vegetables, seasonings and gelatin!  Some recipes have carrots added to them, some use cauliflower, and some I’ve seen use just zucchini as the base.  That’s what we’re doing today with our zucchini cheese.

When chilled and sliced, it can come pretty close in flavor and texture to Continue reading “Beefy Cheesy Nachos – AIP, Paleo, Whole 30”

Perfectly Seared Scallops – AIP, Paleo, Low-FODMAP

I’d be willing bet that (if you’re anything like me) at some point in time you’ve cooked up some soggy, rubbery scallops.  Don’t feel badly!  The opaque, fat gems of the sea are temperamental culinary creatures to tackle …notorious for being as easy to cook AND mess up as are scrambled eggs.  With quality scallops costing an average of $15-40/lb, “chewy-tire” just isn’t the texture we’re going for, folks. Blargh.

I’m here to help.  Let’s do this, shall we? Continue reading “Perfectly Seared Scallops – AIP, Paleo, Low-FODMAP”